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What you experience within, is entirely up to you.

This space is an opportunity. It is a rare chance to unplug, and tune into ourselves. Somadome is an invitation to not just restore, but to find resilience. This is a choice to pause our minds, and simply listen. If we do not have the space and time to connect to ourselves, how will we connect with each other?

Go Inside


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Each Somadome session is uniquely personal because our bodies and minds need different things at different times.

Start by choosing the session that most appeals to your current mood. The 20 minute session gently guides you through a meditation of your choice, while you are comfortably immersed in a dome of healing light.

Enter the Present Moment

​Breathe deeply, and replenish your body with the vital energy you ​crave.  ​Allow your eyes to close and your body to relax, ready to receive deep restoration and mind/body alignment.  Quiet your mind, and t​une in to the truths that speak to us in moments of contemplative​ silence.

How it Works